Anand Singh Bisht, 84 year old has a strong message for his son Mr. Yogi Adityanath that he has to take everyone along. Muslims women too voted for him, hence he needs to respect all religions and win their hearts.

Recently approx. 1 lakh muslim women give their consent on Triple Talaq, petition filed by BJP. Bisht said his son has lot of responsibility, those muslim women who voted for BJP have high hopes  from the party for such issues.

Anand Singh lives with his wife Savitri in Panchur village of Pauri district, said, “On the very first day, the CM told his staff not to use language which hurts the sentiments of people. He is making sincere efforts which is quite visible.” He said his son needed to remove the tag of “Hindutva campaigner”.

Adityanath born as Ajay Singh Bisht on June 5 1972, did his schooling from Pauri. After that he went to college in Kotdwar for BSc and left for Gorkahpur in 1993 during his MSc. His father Anand Singh said it was bad phase when his son Adityanath in 1994 took decision to take up Sanyas. It took some time for the family to understand their son’s decision .

Adityanath has younger brother Mahendra, said in an interview that CM channelized his energy in the right direction after he came in touch with RSS at the time of his graduation.


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