Taapsee Pannu has now launched a helpline to assist women in the area of harassment and mental distress. After the TVF fiasco and the whole uproar on social media about workplace safety, this surely comes as a much needed step.

This includes several professional counsellors which have been brought on-board in order to provide assistance to the complainants/victims. All the calls would be redirected to the helpline number (01149694998) and these calls will be answered by trained executives and then they will be further redirected to counsellors.

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu has become the face of liberated Indian woman after the success of Pink. Even though it was just a film, the result and the impact of it was massive and deep. It did leave people with a lot of questions and for all the right reasons

As per Tapsee

“It is a profound initiative for all working women, especially in the events, entertainment and media industry. It’s not just a step towards making the working environment safe for women, but also in making the world a better place.”



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