As we all know that in Muslim religion you can give divorce to your wife by simply saying Talaq 3 times in a row. This has been since the beginning of this religion. The triple talaq is a Sharia law custom that allows men to end a marriage, simply by saying “talaq” – or divorce – to their wives, three times in succession.

Muslims are India’s largest minority community with a population of 155 million and their marriages and divorces are governed by the Muslim personal law, ostensibly based on the sharia.

BJP govt take a stand on Triple Talaq and filed a petition which now recieved 1 million Muslim women sign.

The Muslim body – RSS pracharak Indresh Kumar is the liason from the Sangh’s side who “guides” the MRM – has also called for a nationwide discussion on the issue that involves all the stakeholders.

“This is a problem of the community and the stakeholders within the community as well as the representatives from the state and the government must come and sit together to start a debate on this so that Muslim women can claim a human status,” said organisation.

Mohammad Afzal MRM national coordinator said the traditional clergy of the community needed to wake up. “The fact that a terrorist was killed and his father denounced him in the light of the latter’s love for the nation and then a girl is issued a fatwa against for singing, all these things point to the changing scenario in India. They should wake up now and stop trying to convert the social evil of triple talaq from a social problem into a religious problem.”

Even the great grandson of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, a tall Muslim Congress leader of Indian history, extolled Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “positive attitude towards the Muslims”. “The Ulemas are taking the Muslim community not in the medieval ages, but the dark ages and towards the stone age,” said Firoze Ahmad Bakht.



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