HOWRAH: Three youths were crushed under the wheels of the train at Belur while trying to save their friend Tar-ak Manna, 22, who planned a group selfie on Thursday.

According to passengers of the Up Bandel Local, Tar-ak Manna, 22, was clicking a groupfie with a selfie stick when he suddenly hit a lamppost along the tracks, slipped and fell off the running train between the Belur and Liluah stations. Four of his friends got down from the train at Belur station and started running towards the accident spot along the tracks. But the youngsters failed to gauge that the Up Goghat Local was speeding down the same track. Before they could sway out of harm’s way, three of them were crushed under the wheels of the train. The fourth youth was lucky to be flung off the track by the speeding train.

Sumit Kumir, Chandan Polley and Kajal Saha — all in their early 20s — died on the spot while Kajal Biswas was severely injured. Manna, who had survived the fall, was later rescued and admitted to Howrah District Hospital. He is very critical.

Such cases are happening all over India, and we should all understand that selfie is not important against your life.

Be cautious while clicking selfies and avoid any danger places!


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