Agni College of Technology (ACT): A group of students at ACT becomes a start-up which is providing drones to Tamilnadu Forest Department. Garuda Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. has been started with an initial investment of 5 crore which was made available by the college itself. Managing Trustee Mr. R N Jayaprakash of ACT said, they have created incubation centre to help the students to expand their knowledge.

Students will use this technology and apply it for various practical solutions in different industrial fields. These drones offered the most recent solution for the forest department of Tamilnadu. Five drones have been given to them by Garuda Aerospace, and they perform various tasks such as surveillance, forest regeneration and also tracking elephants threatening to enter villages.

All critical drone making steps like design, fabrication, testing etc are done in the college campus only.  They have also started working on projects with Tamil Nadu coastal security group to locate and monitor boats at sea, the Prisons department for monitoring prisoner activity. Along with this they have also begun to work on some solutions for windmill damage analysis and warehouse management.

Garuda Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. also won the government tender worth 20 lakhs. ‘Raptor’, ‘Eagle’ and ‘Phantom Xtreme’ are three types of drones which have been offered by them.

This company has 21 students as of now which excludes ACT interns. CEO Vimal Raj of this company said, induction will be given to them to give a complete picture of whatever is happening and how.



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