As we all know that the frequency of traffic collisions in India is amongst the highest in the world. Every year more than 135,000 traffic collision-related deaths occur in India reveals National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

Tamil Nadu comes in the highest road accidents for a decade and its capital Chennai has more accidents than any other city in India.

One person dies every 4 minutes in roads accidents in India, according to NGO ‘Indians for Road Safety.

More than 40 per cent of these accidents are associated with motorcycles and trucks and the most accident-prone time on Indian roads is during the peak hour at afternoon and evening.

India stands out miserably in the latest WHO “Global Road Safety Report-2015” with an estimated 2,07,551 deaths on roads.

According to WHO the major cause of traffic collisions is

  1. Driving over the speed limit
  2. Driving under the influence
  3. Not using helmets
  4. Not using seat belts

Users of motorcycles and motor-powered three wheelers lead the second largest group of traffic collision deaths.




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